About Me


“Our Mind is Our Open Light”

Derek Pfister is a filmmaker based in Milwaukee, WI. Derek has a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-TV-Film with a minor in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

I’ve been filming, directing, producing, writing & editing media & film since 2004. Film & video have always been my love & passion since high school. I loved to write original screenplays & produce them into films. Now that I’m a college graduate, I make sure to expand my skills anyway I can. I love collaborating in groups & networking with other filmmakers.

My main focus is becoming a professional cinematographer/DP (director of photography) as well as working within production for television & news. Editing & directing are both my strong points as well.

The love of my family & close friends has given me the strength & energy to keep on pushing towards my goal. Film is my passion, my mistress, it is what I love to do. I hope to achieve meaning & passion with my future career work. Film is my life, my life’s dream; a dream that I will strive for.

Personal Contact at: DerekMPfister@Gmail.com
Chair on Stair Films: ChaironStairFilms@Gmail.com


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