Gear Up

Last time I talked about some of the lessons I learned from my first shoot and how I applied them to my second shoot. In order to improve your video shoots and overall vision, you must have great equipment in your collection!


1) First and foremost, you need a camera that will fit your needs. B&H brings up some of the key types of cameras that videographers choose.

Traditional camcorders are most commonly used by beginner videographers. I myself used a Mini Sony DV camera for my first shoot. Now, there are a variety of choices: DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, PTZ cameras and an assortment of hybrids types. The camera that I use today is a Canon HV40. I personally still like to have a hard copy of my work on film; it shoots with mini DV tapes and I can film at 30f or at 24f per second.

As a side note, remember to carry extra batteries for the camera!

Besides the camera, there are a ton of other accessories that you will need to improve the quality of the video.

 2) Audio equipment is very imperative, without it, you don’t have a product. You will want clean audio recording as you are capturing the key moments like the vows, speeches or any other key memories. Investing in a portable audio recorder, a rode videomic, or a wireless attachment is essential.

3) You can’t have great picture without proper lighting. You will want the bride and groom to stand out, after all, it’s their special day! Here is video by Matt Mazzone on the key aspects of lighting.

4) Lastly, it is a great idea to have some type of camera support system. Like I said in my last blog post, you don’t want to have shaky shots! A tripod or monopod will allow for more stability and flexibility. They are both very simple to use and universal to most cameras. You will want to pay attention to the weight of your camera, that will make the decision.

Next time I will be talking about how to become acquainted with the couple to be.

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