Lessons Learned

Your first major shoot is always a joy. Not only did you meet a lot of new people, but you completed your first shoot! Whether it was good or bad, you will definitely learn a lot.


With that being said, I had to take in a lot of information and apply it the very next day! My main focus was the cinematography.  When it comes to cinematography, it is the most beautiful part of the process (along with audio). I wanted to improve my shots for the second shoot. During the first shoot, I had issues with stability and didn’t know the general wedding layout ahead of time, making the shots shaky.

Wedding Cinematography with Ray Roman offers phenomenal tutorials about cinematography, production, post production and more!

There are going to be times where you will need to move around a lot, making it a good idea to keep these helpful tips in mind. Video University mentions these ideas:

1) Scout the area ahead of time to find things to lean against. A sturdy object in the vicinity will do. By doing this, you can now hold the camera steady enough.

2) Try to not zoom in and use a long lens while moving. It is very hard to gain focus. What you should try to do is walk closer to the subject and then film. This way you do not have to worry about shaky shots as much.

Overall, you want great picture and a general layout ahead of time, making the job fun and less stressful. The cinematography will look beautiful in the end and the couple will love you for it! My second wedding shoot went ten times smoother because of these ideas. So please, take note of your mistakes!

Next time I will talk about some of the imperative pieces of equipment that you should add to your gear set!

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