First Major Day

I had no idea what to expect on my first wedding shoot. I was as nervous as can be. My first issue was that I didn’t know how to properly prepare for it. After the lessons I learned from my first shoot, I was able to apply them to my second shoot the next day.

Wedding Cover

Digital Photography School offers many imperative tips before going out on your first shoot. These three I feel are the most important to remember; apply them to all your future shoots.

1) Create a Shot List: This becomes very helpful before you shoot. I struggled and had to think up all my shots on the spot. If you create a shot list before you shoot, it will make the job a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Remember, you want to film it in a way that will make the couple smile and want to watch it for years to come; part of the family’s history archive.

2) Scout the Location: It’s always a great idea to see the location of the ceremony before you shoot. This can greatly influence your shot list. I never had the opportunity to see the location of the ceremony before I shot, I just had to go with it the day of. The couple will also see how devoted you are to making their special day one to always remember.


3) Set Preparations with the Couple: Before you even think about what you want to do, it’s best to find out what the couple wants their wedding video to look like. Find out what the feel of the video should be. Do they want it to be like a movie with a story element? Do they just want it filmed with having only the footage? Or does the couple want the footage to be edited and then just placed onto DVDs? These are all questions to consider asking the soon to be married couple. Make their video special!


Those are the three main ideas to consider before the big day to keep in mind. Go out of your way for their special day! Next time I will talk about how I applied these aspects to my second day shoot.

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