Pleased to Meet You

Having phenomenal equipment is key to a successful wedding shoot, but what makes it even more a success is becoming close with the couple to be. What made me get off to a great start when I first became a wedding videographer was I met with the bride and groom on multiple occasions. By doing […]

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Gear Up

Last time I talked about some of the lessons I learned from my first shoot and how I applied them to my second shoot. In order to improve your video shoots and overall vision, you must have great equipment in your collection! 1) First and foremost, you need a camera that will fit your needs. […]

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Lessons Learned

Your first major shoot is always a joy. Not only did you meet a lot of new people, but you completed your first shoot! Whether it was good or bad, you will definitely learn a lot. With that being said, I had to take in a lot of information and apply it the very next […]

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First Major Day

I had no idea what to expect on my first wedding shoot. I was as nervous as can be. My first issue was that I didn’t know how to properly prepare for it. After the lessons I learned from my first shoot, I was able to apply them to my second shoot the next day. […]

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From the Beginning

Before I became a freelancer, I was just a student filmmaker producing films and video. I had no idea that one day I would enter the freelance business and start making money based on my skills. In May of 2010, that all changed for me. I received a call from a lady who was a […]

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